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Crowdstack Partners with Rybbon on ebook about gamification and rewards If you are looking to help incentivize your group members or simply have some fun with gamification on your Crowdstack, we've partnered with Rybbon to develop a new ebook called " A Practical Guide to Building a Points Based Rewards Program." As noted in the ebook, points are inherently familiar to members - points are used with credit cards, airline miles, video game scores, and now even things like restaurant apps.New Features: Disable Direct Messages & Change Channel Type We've added a couple of features that make Crowdstack more flexible for administrators. First, we've added support for completely disabling all direct messages in your Crowdstack. This is a new setting in Manage > Basics on your Crowdstack. If you disable direct messages, no one will be able to use them and they will not appear as an option in the menu. Second, administrators can now change the channel type of an...We've removed all member limits (plus other plan changes)! Today, we made some changes to our pricing plans for Crowdstack. The most significant change is that we have removed all member limits, so that no matter which plan you choose you can grow as large as you want. Here is a summary of the changes: 1. We've consolidated from three plans to two - one free plan and one paid plan. 2. Both plans allow UNLIMITED MEMBERS. 3. The Freestack plan will now be ad-supported. This...New: Premium Memberships and Saved Posts. πŸŽ‰ We're rolling out some amazing new features for Crowdstack today: Premium Memberships You can start charging for access to premium areas in your Crowdstack. You set your own rate and we take care of processing all payments via our Crowdstack Pay service. Premium Members get exclusive access to all premium channels that you establish for your Crowdstack. To get things going, navigate to the Manage > Settings > Premium...Introducing Magic Links ✨ Once upon a time, when you included a web address/URL to your post, it sat there like a long string of mystery. You forced your readers to click on it to see what it was... and, even worse, they had to leave your site to find out. Yeah, I know. πŸ™„ But who wants old-school links when you can have Magic Links ? Now, when you paste a web address/URL into your Crowdstack post, it will be automatically transformed into a preview or player (video/audio). ...
How to declutter your digital communications

I recently shared an article on Hacker Noon that offers some tips on how to refocus your digital communications.  How are you dealing with the glut of options when it comes to engaging with your members?

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If you're looking to build your Crowdstack and would like to tell the community about it, please share it here! Just give us a link and a brief description, we'd love to check it out!

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Streaming in Crowdstack is possible via Streamyard

Kudos to @coachlaura for discovering that you can put a Streamyard link into a Crowdstack post, allowing you to livestream from YouTube and other outlets. Let us know if you try it out!

coachlaura 1 comment
Hello, quick request/suggestion for future features: the ability to pin a post to the top of a channel, in  addition to having a featured channel.
ted R ted R ted 10 comments
I really enjoyed this McKinsey article about the neuroscience behind laughter. And we all need more fun in our lives right now. As it relates to online groups and communities, the same insights apply---you don't always have to be so serious!

Maybe take a moment today and find a way to inject some laughter.
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Hey, did you know that we have a YouTube channel for Crowdstack? It's called "Crowdstack Snacks" and is chock full of ideas that will help you run a great community.

We plan to add more interviews and interaction on the channel, and if you'd like to "guest star," reply here or DM me.

If you have a burning question you'd like answered in video form, feel free to make suggestions here as well!

Here's the latest episode...

It's time to stop the garbage on Facebook, but they won't. They have one objective, CONTROL of the masses. I don't know how any of them think that will make most stay, but they're going to keep trying it. That's one of the reasons I decided to come over here, but if you're limiting folks, such as how many people or channels one can have, how is that any different? Make it easy on your clients and it will grow substantially. Make it cost prohibitive, especially during a pandemic, and you'll kill it before it ever gets off the ground. Do a monthly fee vs yearly, and more will be inclined to stick around. Don't moderate. Allow admins to do that if they so choose. Freedom of Speech will catch way more people, any day.
J rosemary R ted 4 comments
Interesting update from Facebook Groups, doubling down on centralized content moderation (applying rules that are mostly unwritten and not communicated to Facebook Group admins prior to enforcement).

Facebook says it’ll start punishing group members who break its rules

This is one thing we're tackling here, putting content moderation controls in the hands of the community owner/admin themselves.

Anyone else have thoughts about centralized vs decentralized moderation?

A rosemary R 3 comments
Really good article here about the challenges many people face joining online communities from privacy-challenged networks like Facebook:

Great point about the fact that you cannot be anonymous on Facebook, which can really make life difficult for people trying to discuss certain subjects online.

The complete research study referenced in that article:

Would you like to easily add an image to your post? Just drag and drop it into the posting box. (You can also click the paperclip tool to do the same thing.)

And welcome to the Crowdstack community, have a muffin!

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